About the misunderstanding of diesel generators

Nowadays, most people in the world rely on electricity to maintain their life. The electricity has brought us lighting, heating, refrigerators, air conditioners and so on. In order to use electricity better, people many generators have been invented.

When the main power supply suddenly fails, the standby generator will immediately supply power. The backup generator solves the problem of power outages in some places, such as hospitals, mine, etc. There are many types of generators on the market, the most popular of which is the diesel generator. Because this generator is especially suitable for commercial and home use.

Diesel generators and gasoline generators:

  1. Work efficiency:

Since diesel generators use less fuel than gasoline generators operate more efficiently. Diesel is cheaper than gasoline, which is ideal for uninterrupted service in the office or home. So work efficiency is better than a gasoline generator

  1. Noise and heat:

The new diesel generators are very quiet and require less maintenance. Since gasoline burns hotter than diesel, it causes a lot of wear on generator components, and gasoline generators require more maintenance.

  1. Security:

Diesel generators do not require a spark plug to ignite, and gasoline generators require a spark plug to ignite. Therefore, diesel generators are safer than gasoline generators.

In summary, diesel generators are better and more practical than gasoline generators.

What are some common misunderstandings about diesel generators?

  1. Diesel generators produce noise:

With the development of the times, the innovative technology of diesel generators and the new standard of diesel fuel make the diesel generators quieter when working. In order to further reduce the noise, a soundproof cover was specially designed for the diesel generator.

  1. Diesel generators cause environmental pollution:

Many people think that diesel generators will emit toxic gases, causing air pollution. But the latest developments in technology have solved this problem by reducing pollution and increasing efficiency.

  1. Diesel generators take up a lot of space:

Modern diesel generators are compact and can be easily moved and shipped anywhere using any means of transportation.

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