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PAVO specializes in the production and development of diesel generator sets for ten years. What we can provide is to answer various problems for the user and provide relevant technical guidance. Everything is for you to buy and use without any worries.

Our Services


Professional engineers provide technical consultation to plan your unit selection, matching, and machine room design.


Free guidance for installation and commissioning. Any unit design and power distribution design can be provided.


Guide maintenance and maintenance, create a file for each customer, and every generator set we sell enjoys lifetime maintenance.

Our Expertise

Excellent Quality

Years of promotion and application of core production technology, the product is full power and has remarkable durability.

Constantly Updated

Advanced production equipment produces a wide range of electromechanical products to meet the diverse needs of the market.

Maintenance Guarantee

The generator is easy to operate, and the engineer instructs maintenance or on-site maintenance to ensure the life of each generator.


Professional Engineer

Focus on standardized design and personalized modification of diesel generators to provide users with solutions. Robust and sturdy shape with the unique anti-collision design for safety needs.

Committed to the ultra-quiet design on the basis of ensuring the reliability of the unit operation. Sophisticated processing and surface treatment processes ensure the quality and aesthetics of the product.

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