Advantages of container diesel generator sets

Advantages of container diesel generator sets

Motor-generator sets can be a cost-effective way to provide “clean” power to large motors or other sensitive equipment that instantly disrupt system voltages to share power services. The flywheel effect provided by the motor can suppress or eliminate temporary voltage dips or spikes on the main electrical service side. The goal is to use a backup generator set to ensure power is supplied during utility power outages.

PAVO container diesel generator sets have multiple large units, which can be divided into standard and silent types.

The following are the performance advantages of containerized diesel generators:

  1. Better cooling performance

Thanks to the intelligent cooling system, the container generator set can guarantee 100% power output at a height of 1000 meters and a temperature of 40 degrees. PAVO container generators operate normally at extreme temperatures and high altitudes, reducing damage caused by high-temperature shutdowns.

  1. Low noise operation

The interior of the container and the top of the ceiling, the entrance and exit are equipped with high-efficiency sound-absorbing materials, and the impedance-absorbing sound-absorbing composite built-in muffler ensures quiet operation of the generator set. It is the best choice for silent areas.

  1. Higher standard configuration

All-steel housing, strong corrosion resistance; effective suspension measures ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

  1. Higher maintenance performance

The power station is equipped with fuel tanks and fire-fighting equipment to ensure the use and maintenance; the cabin is equipped with lighting for easy inspection and maintenance by the operator; the door can be opened before and after the container, and side doors are provided on both sides of the cabinet for user maintenance and overhaul; there is a ladder outside the box.

PAVO container generators set have a large capacity and long power supplies. It can operate independently, is immune to grid faults, and has high reliability. Especially in the case where the general commercial power supply in some areas is not very stable, as a backup power source, the diesel generator can not only function as an emergency power source but also optimize the low voltage system. It can use some important loads in the event of a power failure. Therefore, diesel generators have been widely used in life. Containerized diesel generator sets have great advantages as main or backup power sources. Because it has a container casing, it can be placed outdoors. Diesel generator sets have low operating noise and are a preferred power configuration for some locations that require large main generator sets or backup generator sets.

Anhui PAVO is a well-known professional manufacturer of generator sets in East China, provides a reliable solution for your power generation needs. With low fuel consumption, long maintenance intervals and low emissions, our company has 13 years of experience and support. Customers around the world trust us to provide reliable power for a wide range of applications, such as healthcare, airports, manufacturing plants and independent power stations.

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