CIIE and China-India Enterprise Trade Matchmaking Event

The China Association of the European technical and economic cooperation and the GuoMeng Productivity Promotion Center are scheduled to organize domestic enterprises to participate in the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) and China-India Enterprise Trade Matchmaking Event held in India in April 2019.

This event aims to take the 2nd China International Import Expo overseas exhibition as an opportunity to link domestic and foreign trade import and export trade resources with overseas markets, expand cooperation channels in the Indian market, and expand business in the Indian market.

The Content Of The Meeting:

  1. Industry Docking Business Category.

Luggage accessories; lighting accessories, electronic components; daily, photovoltaic energy, automotive parts; glass ceramic products, plastics, hardware medical machinery; automobile and motorcycle parts, auto parts.

  1. Resource Support.

Background Resources.

The National Dream Center has resources from National ministries, Embassy or consulate abroad, Domestic and foreign major business associations and enterprise resources. Provide international trade and international trade services for enterprises, including market analysis, product search, market development, import and export declarations, customs declaration services, warehousing logistics management, taxation policies, legal services, payment settlement control and risk aversion. The enterprise’s import and export trade realizes closed-loop ecological services.

Indian Corporate Resources.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that is directed and managed by industry and plays a leading role in India’s economic development. Founded 112 years ago, CII is India’s leading business association. Indirect members from 350 national and regional associations have reached 90,000 companies (such as large international brands such as Puda and Tata).

The Chinese Dream has deepened the information resources of Indian companies and has the resources of members of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IMC). Founded in 1907, IMC is India’s leading trade, commercial and industrial chamber of commerce. It is fully supported by the Indian Small and Medium Enterprises Association (SME) and the Indian Mabang Industrial Development Authority (MIDC).

  1. Warehousing Logistics.

China Overseas Warehouse (India) will support the Indian Standardization Park on the basis of the existing integrated service platform. The joint warehousing enterprise will jointly promote the upgrading of overseas warehousing comprehensive services. The ultimate goal is to establish Mumbai in India. As the center of New Delhi, Bangalore is the “China Asian Overseas Warehouse Supply Chain”.

  1. E-commerce Platform.

China Dream Center has India’s largest B2B cross-border e-commerce payment platform and e-commerce enterprise partner, namely: Innovative Opay online payment platform; Imfibeam, Shop leads e-commerce enterprise. The online platform can quickly realize the rapid international circulation of goods and currencies; rely on third-party payment institutions to ensure the security and reconciliation of online transaction funds.

  1. Avoid Risks.

In the process of developing and expanding commodities in the Indian market, Chinese companies will face or encounter risks in the trade sector. Avoiding risk is one of the cores of the League of Nations’ commitment to corporate services. Mainly include legal services, accounting services, customs clearance services, bank settlement payment services, overseas warehousing and business hosting services.


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