Common causes of diesel generator failure

First, Idle speed is not stable.

The diesel generator is suddenly slow and slow during idling operation, the regularity is not strong, and there is jitter, and the diesel generator is easy to extinguish when it is rapidly decelerating, shifting or carrying the load. Caused by a malfunction of the governor.

(1) Flying ball wear.

When idling, the flying ball has the smallest opening degree, and the spring sliding sleeve excessively extends to the flying ball due to the wear of the small roller of the flying ball, and an irregular direct collision with the flying ball body causes the idle speed to be unstable.

(2) The idle speed spring is poorly deformed or improperly adjusted.

When the diesel generator is running, the increase in load causes the speed to decrease. If the idle speed spring or the start spring becomes soft, the oil supply rack cannot move quickly to the oil increase direction to increase the speed. In severe cases, the diesel generator will automatically turn off.

(3) Improper adjustment of steady speed spring.

During operation, the centrifugal force of the flying ball is small, and the control force of the speed regulation is also small. If the diesel generator suddenly decelerates, the adjustment movement of the fuel supply rod may exceed the idle position, causing the diesel generator to stall.

(4) Low-pressure oil supply is poor or contains water and air.

This will make the oil supply large and small, especially in the low-speed area, which will cause the diesel generator to work unstable.

(5) The camshaft cone bearing of the fuel injection pump supporting cam is excessively worn.

In this case, the camshaft generates irregular turbulence in the axial direction, which makes the diesel generator rotational speed unstable.

Second, “Carriage”.

In the range of low speed and medium speed, the diesel generator has a long period of time and a relatively fast time and slow time. This is the result of the speed regulation reaction lags behind the actual speed change.

(1) The internal lever of the governor is loose due to the wear of the connecting pin hole.

The adjustment amplitude is too large.

(2) The oil supply rack is not flexible enough.

Due to rust, deformation of the plunger member after fastening, crushing of the ring gear and the toothed rod after the plunger spring is broken, severe wear of the end sleeve of the back end, and the angle of the fork fastening of the fork type oil amount adjusting mechanism Incorrect, it will affect the flexibility of the fuel supply rack.

(3) Improper adjustment of steady speed spring.

The steady speed spring and the oil supply rack cannot work together flexibly.

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