Diesel generator set

Diesel generators are small generators. It refers to the use of diesel as a fuel and diesel engine as the prime mover for driving the generator. The whole set of units is generally composed of a diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starting and controlling battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and so on.

A diesel generator is a combination of a diesel engine and a generator (usually an alternator) to generate electrical energy. It can be used for daily power generation and emergency power generation in a variety of homes, offices and large and medium-sized businesses.


First, the controller:

The controller is the device that starts, stops, and monitors the operating state of the equipment. Can be divided into the mechanical controller, semi-automatic controller, fully automatic controller, computer remote control.

Second, the generator:

The generator is driven by the engine and generates current according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is divided into brushless motors and brush motors.

Third, the radiator:

Often referred to as a water tank, the materials are aluminum and copper. The radiator is used to carry away the heat generated by the engine through the water circulation. There is a fan on the top of the engine that forces the water to cool the radiator.

Softened water or antifreeze can be added to the heat sink. It is recommended to use antifreeze to prevent the winter from forgetting to release the radiator’s cooling water and freezing the engine’s cylinder, causing serious economic losses.

Fourth, the engine (diesel engine):

The core of the generator set supplies power to the generator set. Good engine (diesel) with high reliability, low failure rate, long overhaul period (over 10,000 hours), low maintenance costs, low fuel consumption, and low noise.

Fifth, the public foundation:

The shared base is a metal base for securing diesel engines, generators, and radiators. Usually welded by channel steel or curved parts, shared base, and fuel tank type shared base.

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