Electric small motor-diesel generator

A diesel generator is a combination of a diesel engine and a generator (usually an alternator) to generate electrical energy.Diesel compression ignition engines are typically designed to use diesel fuel, but some types are suitable for other liquid fuels or natural gas.

A 200 kW Caterpillar diesel generator is said to be assembled in a sound-attenuating enclosure for use as an emergency backup for the Atlanta sewage treatment facility in the United States.It fully embodies its unique fuel system, stable operation, sufficient fuel, high efficiency and energy saving, and good emissions.The engine is small in size, light in weight, low in fuel consumption, reliable in operation, and convenient in supply and maintenance of parts.

Of course, the correct choice of the size of the diesel generator is critical to avoiding low loads or shortages.Dimensions are complicated by the nature of modern electronic devices, especially non-linear loads.

So how do we choose it?

In the size range of approximately 50MW and above,open-cycle gas turbines are more efficient and more compact than a range of diesel engines at full load, with comparable capital costs; but for conventional partial loads, even at these power levels, diesel arrays are sometimes better than open-cycle gas turbines because of their superior efficiency.

Daily care.

Diesel generators are often maintained for better use, and some common maintenance methods are summarized below.

First, daily maintenance of diesel generator sets;

  1. Check the water level and oil level once a day;
  2. Clean the outer surface of the unit and the environment of the equipment room every day;
  3. Check if the battery power is normal once a week;

Second, the annual maintenance of diesel generator sets;

  1. Cooperate with the electrician to carry out parallel load operation and check the operation;
  2. Cooperate with the electrician to simulate the performance of each safety protection device;
  3. Test the axis, and make a record;
  4. 4. Remove the inspection cover and observe the inspection shaft and cylinder;
  5. The drug is cleaned and cooled;
  6. Check the quality of the oil, if necessary, replace the oil;
  7. Clean the second stage diesel filter;
  8. Clean the oil filter;
  9. Add the following items after every 500 hours of operation;
  10. Replace the second stage diesel filter element;
  11. Change the oil;
  12. Check the tightness of the cylinder head bolt and the connecting rod bolt.

Our company specializes in the development, assembly, sales and service of high-quality diesel generator sets.It has established long-term and close cooperation with international and domestic famous engine and generator manufacturers such as Cummins, MTU, Volvo, Perkins, MAN, Shanghai, Yuchai Machinery, Weichai, Jichai Power, Stamford, Marathon and Lirasoma.We can provide customers with high quality, low fuel consumption, advanced performance, stable operation, safe and reliable diesel generators and perfect global warranty after-sales service.Quality, safety and environmental protection are the values that our entire company follows.It is fully reflected in our product development, our social performance and customer service and treatment of our employees.

Classify our company according to usage.There are also common sets, spare sets, and emergency sets.

According to Chaifa classification.We have open framesets, silent sets, onboard sets, trailer sets and cabin (container) sets.

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