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Anhui Pavo mainly sells diesel generator sets.

The diesel generator set is a complex system consisting of a diesel engine, a power supply system, a cooling system, a starting system, a generator, an excitation control system, a protection unit, an electronic control unit, a communication system, and the main control system.

The engine, the fuel supply system, the cooling system, the starting system, and the generator can be uniformly classified into the mechanical parts of the diesel generator set.

The excitation controller, the protection controller, the electronic control system, the communication system, and the main control system can be collectively referred to as the control part of the diesel generator set.

In the process of using the generator set which we need to do regular inspections. The long-term used generator sets should be inspected every 6-8 hours. The spare generation set checks the backup device after use it can be carried out in the following aspects check out: lubricating oil Slag, air filter blockage indicator, coolant level, radiator, and external ventilation, engine drive belt set, fuel supply, etc.

Because the precision of the electrical equipment is very high nowadays. Therefore the current and voltage output of the generation set can’t change. After for this situation, we roll out the protection function of the diesel generator set. we add to a protection control module for the don’t require automation diesel generation set. The protection range is:

  1. Water high-temperature protection: When the water temperature of the generator set reaches or exceeds the set temperature, the generator set will automatically stop and stop.
  2. Low oilpressure protection: When the oil pressure in the diesel generator set is not reached, that is, when the oil is short, the generator set will automatically stop and stop.
  3. Overspeed protection: When the speed of the generator set exceeds 1500 rpm or 1800 rpm, the generator set will also issue an alarm and stop.

When you use it, you will no longer worry about the high temperature, low oil pressure or over speed fault of the generator set, which will affect the performance and progress of your machinery.

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