Generators-Meet emergency power supply various industries

There are many different components in the generator set, such as generators, controllers, radiators and common bases and soon on.

The engine is the core of the generator set and supplies power to the generator set. It uses various powers (such as hydraulic power and wind power) to make the coil rotate between the two poles of the magnet; when the coil rotates, the magnetic field in the coil changes, thus generating an induced current, which is the conversion of power by the principle of “electromagnetic induction”.

What is the role of a good generator? It has high reliability, low failure rate, long maintenance period (over 10,000 hours), low maintenance cost, low fuel consumption, and low noise.

The generator is divided into a brushless motor and a brushed motor. Brushless motors have gradually replaced brush motors for their convenience. However, due to it’s low price, the brush motor is used for a small diesel generator set of 10 kW to 50 kW.

There are many types of diesel generators, such as open-type units, silent units, vehicle-mounted units, trailer units, and square (container) units.

Our company has been focusing on the development, production, sales, and service of high-quality diesel generator sets for 12 years. We have many users, such as communications, high speed, hospitals, schools, factories and mines, airports, roads and bridges, hotels, municipal works and more. If you are interested in it, you can leave a comment below the article.

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