How to choose a large size diesel generator?

Choosing a diesel generator with a capacity slightly higher than you need brings the following benefits:

1.Due to the overload, the generator will not shut down when it is most needed.

2.If operating in its “best position”, its fuel efficiency should be higher.

3.Your diesel generators run longer and require less maintenance.

4.Maintenance of the generator set will be cheaper and take less time.

5.Your operator or maintenance staff will be safer.

6.Provide you with room for future development or expansion.


How to choose a large enough diesel generator to get the job done?

1.Have a certified electrician check your home and determine your maximum electrical load.

Most of the next steps outline how to do this for yourself, but you’d better let the professional calculate it based on knowledge and experience.

2.Determine your power requirements.

First, list all the items that need to be run on the backup power supply. This includes not only your critical equipment, but also lighting, computers and desktops, and everything you need to do all the work.

The starting power and operating power of most of these values will be listed on the information board that should be attached to each electrical device, or in the user manual of the device.

Convert all these values to the same unit – usually kW or kVA, For resistive loads, you simply multiply the amperage by the voltage to get the power. For reactive loads, use amps multiplied by volts and multiply the result by the load factor to obtain power. Simply add the largest number of columns together to get peak power consumption. If all this doesn’t make sense, then you really need an electrician or other experts.

3.Select a diesel generator or other backup generator set with a rating that is at least 5%-10% higher than the power requirement.

The generator set should not be operated at maximum capacity for long periods of time. It’s like pulling the accelerator has been falling. Even high-end generator sets wear out more quickly when used at high power.

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