Innovations in diesel power generation set

1. In recent years, the pre-combustion chamber and combustion chamber of the diesel generator set has been improved. Get the maximum power to produce a turbocharged result.

And, there is an improvement in achieving the best combustion rate, providing greater power and better fuel economy and fewer fuel emissions.

2. The digital interface of the diesel generator set replaces the previous analog control. Digital control provides better fuel injection accuracy; better monitoring of backup power for similarly sized facilities and equipment; digital monitoring makes operator work easier because of the large number of manual operations required to adjust and correct engine failures, especially With the further integration of the Internet; in addition, the use of digital control, voltage and output frequency have better stability.

3. Developed more modern technological achievements for diesel generator sets. For example, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). The combustion of diesel fuel produces NOx at very high temperatures.

This exhaust emissions are very harmful to the environment, and the EGR system achieves this reduction in the exhaust gas by directly recycling NOx back to the combustion chamber. Finally, the temperature is lowered to further reduce NOx emissions.

4. The sound of the diesel engine was modified. The change in sound attenuation reduces the level of noise emitted by the engine. This change is the assembly of ceramic and other sonic absorption materials into the noise bag in the pre-chamber.

5. Improvements have been made in the fuel system and handling of diesel generator sets. For example, the common rail fuel system is designed for direct fuel injection.

This form of fuel injection is the transfer of diesel from the fuel tank to various valves while maintaining the highest pressure to make the diesel fuel and oxygen more uniform as the mixture evaporates.

At the same time, it can better control power output and reduce fuel emissions, further improving fuel efficiency.

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