Is the diesel generator set the best choice for purchase?

A generator is a machine used to generate electricity and can be used as electricity. This is a popular alternative to grid power generated using fossil fuels and steam turbines in power plants. There are many types of generators set, from gasoline generators to portable generators and diesel generators. Which one is the one we want most?

What is the difference between a diesel generator set and a gasoline generator set? The gasoline engine set relies on an electric spark to ignite a moderately compressed fuel-air mixture in the cylinder. This is easy to design and build, but not very efficient. The diesel engine set relies entirely on compression to ignite. Air (no fuel ) is compressed to a much higher degree than a gasoline engine. The highest performance gasoline engine can be compressed to 12:1. The lowest performance diesel engine can operate at 14:1 compression and the top generator and generator set rely on a compression ratio of up to 25:1.

When the air is over-compressed, its temperature rises until diesel fuel is injected. The spontaneous ignition of fuel due to heat and pressure is a more efficient process but relies on true precision engineering and manufacturing. Gasoline engines can work, but they are less efficient and the cylinders are prone to leaks. Diesel engines won’t.

Why is diesel fuel better? The core reasons are reliability and cost efficiency. Eg:

  1. Unlike the situation decades ago, today’s diesel generators are quieter than gasoline generators and have lower maintenance costs.
  2. They are durable and more reliable.
  3. Diesel generators typically cost 30% to 50% less per kilowatt than gasoline generators.
  4. The running time of a diesel generator set can be two to three times that of a gasoline generator set during routine maintenance and repair.  The conversion time of the 1800-rpm diesel generator set is 30,000 hours, while that of gasoline is 10,000 hours.
  5. The operating temperature of the gasoline generator set is higher than that of the diesel generator set, which significantly extends the working life of the diesel unit.

Diesel generators and generator sets have proven to be a very effective on-site power generation, especially for applications requiring high KVA output. Although the cost of diesel fuel is slightly higher than gasoline per liter, the energy consumption per liter of diesel is much higher than that of gasoline.

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