Let me introduce the diesel generator set and the price


The diesel generator set consists of an engine, generator, a radiator, a controller and a common base.

  • The composition of diesel generators set – Engine (diesel).

The engine (diesel) is the heart of the generator set, powering the generator set. A good engine (diesel engine) has high reliability, low failure rate, long overhaul period (more than 10,000 hours), low maintenance cost, low fuel consumption, and low noise.

A diesel generator is a small-scale power generation equipment. It refers to a power machine that uses diesel as a fuel and a diesel engine as a prime mover to drive a generator to generate electricity. Generators are divided into brushless motors and brushed motors, mostly used in small diesel generators of 10kW-50kW.

The radiator is used to remove heat generated by the engine through the water circulation, and a fan on the top of the engine forcibly water-cools the radiator. Moreover, the softened water or antifreeze can be added to the radiator to prevent the cylinder of the engine from being cracked in winter and cause serious economic losses.

The controller is a device that starts, stops, and monitors the running state of the generator set. The controller is divided into a mechanical controller, a semi-automatic controller, a fully automatic controller, and a computer remote controller.

  • The composition of diesel generators set – Common base.

The common base is a metal base used to hold the diesel engine, generator, and radiator. Usually welded by channel steel or bent parts.

Introduce the generator set price in Anhui Pawo Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

  • First determine the engine, matching the engine with rated power 300kW-360kW, our generator brands are Stanford, Marathon, Mitsubishi, Guangxi Yuchai and so on.
  • Secondly determine the motor brand, our default motor brand is Paavo, the specification is PW-300-4, the price is equivalent to the collar motor.
  • Then select the corresponding radiator according to the engine model. The default radiator brand is Vickers. Of course, if you want to choose other, you can communicate with us.
  • Finally, the public base package cost, controller cost, battery cost, and factory profit.

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