New diesel generator sets for you

Silent diesel generators are diesel generators with less noise. It is used in places where diesel generators are needed and do not want to be disturbed by noise, such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, banks, hotels or special places.

Since the diesel generator has more functions than the ordinary generator, the price of the diesel generator is higher than that of the ordinary generator.

Diesel generator set noise is a complex sound source made up of multiple sound sources. Among them, aerodynamic noise is the main noise source. The aerodynamic noise is due to the unstable process of the gas, that is, the disturbance of the gas and the interaction of the gas with the object. Aerodynamic noise radiating directly into the atmosphere, including intake noise, exhaust noise, and cooling fan noise.

The open diesel generator has a noise of 110 decibels, and the noise of the world’s top open diesel generators will not be lower than 95 decibels. However, when people are in a place where the noise exceeds 85 decibels, they will be affected. Therefore, a mute generator above 85 decibels cannot be said to be silent. The noise reduction effect of diesel generators must be lower than the noise decibel.

Generator use.

Self-provided power supply, backup power supply, replacement power supply, mobile power supply, firepower supply.

Due to the widespread use of generators, we may have seen many cases of generator-induced accidents on the Internet. In this regard, when we use the generator, we should read the Instruction manual several times. The Instruction manual not only records the correct method of use but also clearly indicates the precautions for the use of the generator.

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