Pavo Generator Set Successfully Settled In Five-star Hotel

PAVO generator set successfully settled in five-star hotel

Generator sets are often used for stations that are not connected to the grid, or to provide emergency power when the grid fails. During peak usage periods where energy costs are highest, Generator sets can also be used to generate energy to reduce the amount of electricity that must be purchased from a utility company, in an energy-saving application called peak shaving.

The generator set is used as a backup power source and is usually used in public places such as hotels. This time we cooperated with Wuhu Xinhualian Lijing five-star hotel to provide 800kw imported Perkins generator set. Due to the large-scale installation project, we named the Xinhualian 800kw Perkins installation project as the Xinhualian 800kw Perkins with Marathon Power Generation Project. So far, we have installed the generator on the first floor of the negative pole, followed by double-layer stainless steel to protect the exhaust pipe, and then installed the noise reduction room equipment, and the rest is still working.

PAVO is a professional generator set manufacturer offering the widest range of specifications. If you need a 5 to 3000 kW diesel generator set, you will be convinced that our diesel Generator sets are manufactured to world-class standards with high efficiency, low fuel consumption and compliance with global emission standards.

Ultra-quiet design meets noise requirements. The ultra-quiet generator has good rain and dust resistance, and its compact size is the best choice for family life.

PAVO specializes in the production and development of diesel Generator sets for ten years. What we can provide is to answer various questions and provide relevant technical guidance to users. Everything is for your purchase and use without worry.

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