Proper Maintenance of Diesel Generator

For a single family, power outages are usually just an inconvenience. However, for hospitals and other health care institutions, they can be life threatening. For companies like data centers, the cost of these disruptions can be very high.

Many organizations, such as airports, hospitals, and businesses, rely on diesel generator sets that are durable, reliable, and durable, and can run at full speed in seconds.The diesel generator of the standby generator is very durable.Its longevity and reliability will depend on regular preventive maintenance.

Buying a diesel generator is simple, but maintaining the machine is important.

The frequency and type of maintenance of diesel generators depends mainly on the actual running time, but the basic maintenance plan will be the same.Regular inspections include checking coolant, oil and fuel, checking the starter battery, keeping all filters and belts clean and replaced.
General Inspection – Check the exhaust system, fuel system, electrical system and engine for leaks while the generator is running.The engine oil level should be checked regularly.When you notice that the oil level is falling, you need to add a new quality oil. You should also replace the oil and filter every 100 hours as recommended by the manufacturer.

Check the coolant level when the engine is off.Allow the engine to cool, then remove the radiator cover.If the coolant level is low, add a new coolant.Check for foreign objects or obstacles on the outside of the radiator.The fuel filter must be drained periodically to remove accumulated water vapor from the tank.

The battery must be well maintained and fully charged at all times. They must be tested regularly to ensure they do not deteriorate due to aging.The generator engine must be run at least once a month for at least 30 minutes.Regularly start the standby generator even if there is no power outage.Always clean whether the generator is running or not
For generators located in cold climates, diesel fuel is also needed to prevent condensation.
Diesel generator parts are often more expensive than natural gas generator parts, and diesel generator sets have higher component maintenance costs.
This is not all the maintenance work required to keep the diesel generator running reliably.
The reliability of a generator depends on whether it can be well maintained.All of these maintenance is easy to complete, but it is necessary.

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