Six Common Questions for Diesel Generator Set

When the customer buys the diesel generator set and used it for a while, ti found that the power of the diesel generator set was insufficient. (Of course, the mean you are sure that the power of the diesel generator set you bought is sufficient, and it finds to insufficient power after a period of use).

First, the air filter is not clean.

If the air filter is not clean, the resistance will increase, resulting in insufficient engine power. Clean the diesel air filter core and remove dust from the paper filter, replace the filter if necessary.

Second, the exhaust pipe is blocked.

Blockage of the exhaust pipe will result in the bad exhaust and fuel efficiency. Usually, the carbon deposit in the exhaust pipe should be cleaned frequently.

Third, the piston and cylinder sleeve strain.

Due to the abrasion on the piston and the cylinder liner, the mechanical loss of the engine itself is increased, the ignition is difficult or the combustion is insufficient, and the air leakage is serious. At this point, the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring should be replaced.

Fourth, the fuel system is faulty.

  • The fuel filter into the air or the pipeline oil passage to be jam, the power is insufficient. The air should be expelled, the diesel filter should be cleaned and replaced if necessary.
  • Damage to the fuel injection parts causes oil leakage. At this time, the cylinder is easily misfiring fault and the engine power is insufficient. It should be cleaned and replaced in time.

Fifth, The cooling and lubrication system is faulty.

The overheating of the diesel engine is caused by the failure of the cooling or lubrication system. In this case, the water temperature and oil temperature are too high, and the cylinder or the piston ring is likely to be stuck. When the diesel exhaust temperature increases, the cooler, and radiator should be checked to remove scale.

Sixth, the cylinder head group is faulty.

(1) Leakage of the joint between the cylinder head and the body will cause the gas in the cylinder to enter the waterway or oil passage, causing the coolant to enter the engine body. If not found in time, it will cause black smoke, thus making the engine Lack motivation. Tighten the cylinder head nut or replace the cylinder head gasket at this time.

(2) Damage to the valve spring may cause difficulty in returning the valve, and the valve may leak, resulting in insufficient engine power. The damaged valve spring should be replaced in time.

(3) Leakage of the injector mounting hole or damage to the copper pad will result in the lack of cylinder and insufficient engine power. Repairs should be removed and damaged parts replaced.

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