The diesel generator set components – generator

First, the working principle of the generator.

A diesel generator is a small-scale power generation device that is driven by an engine to generate current according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. Can be used in a variety of homes, offices, mines, railways, road traffic maintenance, daily power generation for large and medium-sized enterprises and emergency power generation.

Second, the precautions for purchasing the generator.

When purchasing diesel generators, the comprehensive performance and economic indicators of the generator should be fully considered. Users must first determine the frequency of use of the machine you need and the length of each user to determine how much diesel generator you need to buy; at the same time the power, current, and type of load are also important factors; Combine the altitude, the annual climate change, and the effects of noise on the environment to purchase the best generator.

Third, the brand of diesel generators.

  1. Cummins, world-class independent generator manufacturer, a leading supplier of global power generation systems and related component products and services.
  2. Marathon, the full protection structure, good ventilation and heat dissipation performance, performance, and after-sales protection are widely recognized.
  3. Shanghai Linghao Motor,its series of products are of high quality, reliable performance, performance, and price are an absolute advantage, and the operation quality meets relevant national and international standards.
  4. Nanchang Kangfu Motor has the strong performance, high efficiency, excellent quality, and extremely low failure rate. Nanchang Kangfu has developed generators for decades, with rich experience, superior after-sales service, and reasonable price.

Fourth, the regular maintenance inspection regulations for diesel generators.

The specific inspection contents are as follows: lubricating oil level check; coolant liquid level check; battery daily protection; lubricating oil replacement; adjusting charging generator belt tightness; air filter cleaning and replacement; blocked filter replacement; Clean the casing with a clean cloth;inspect the rubber gasket, replace the rubber ring that has failed or is damaged; check the air cooler; the alternator should be cleaned and inspected regularly.

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