Understanding the advantages of water cooled diesel generators set

We know that diesel generating units will generate a lot of heat when they are in normal operation, and excessive heat will cause the unit temperature to rise, thus affecting work efficiency. The internal circulating water temperature will rise during the cooling process of the engine, It is necessary to cool the circulating water itself, This results in a secondary cooling process. The so-called water cooling refers to the secondary cooling mode of the engine in the diesel generator set.

The working principle of water cooling refers is the cooling of circulating water through the exchange of water and heat. Water is divided into two water channels by heat exchanger plates. While walking the high temperature circulating water inside the engine, while walking the cold water outside, Heat transfer is carried out through heat exchanger plates, and the temperature of high temperature circulating water in the interior is lowered by external cold water. The composition of water cooling system generally includes: plate glue water to water heat exchanger, cooling tower, circulating water pump, water pump control system and water pipe.

Water cooling is generally used in small diesel generators and high-power diesel generators. At present, the common brands of diesel generating units in the market, Cummins, Perkins, Volvo Shangchai and Weichai, are generally water-cooled diesel generating set.

Choosing Pavo water cooled diesel generator set can achieve an ideal cooling effect, fast and stable cooling, and high power conversion rate of the equipment itself. The installation site of the water-cooled unit itself has small restrictions, low environmental requirements and low noise, which can realize the long-distance heat dissipation system.

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