What is the diesel generator set?

Diesel generator sets are a kind of power generation equipment with diesel as the main fuel. It is a power supply device that uses a diesel engine as a prime mover to drive a synchronous generator to generate electricity. It is a power generation device with the quick start, convenient operation, low investment and strong adaptability to the environment.

First, Composition.

The diesel generator set is composed of an engine, a generator, a radiator, a controller and a shared base.

Second, The scope of application.

Diesel generator sets are small and medium-sized power generation equipment. Widely used in communications, mining, road construction, forest areas, farmland irrigation, field construction, national defense engineering, and other departments. The diesel generator set is also an AC power supply unit in the self-powered station.

Diesel generator set is suitable for main power sources that cannot be transported to communication stations, mining areas, forest areas, pastoral areas, and defense projects, because require separate power and lighting power. For the power supply area, power supply reliability is very high, and units that are powered off in a few seconds and require power to restore power are not allowed. For example, important departments such as communications, banks, hotels, airports, etc. Can be used as emergency backup power supplies, and once the power supply is stopped, the diesel generator set quickly provides stable AC power.

Third, Features.

1, Each unit of output volume is small, lightweight, simple system, generally more for the overall packaging.

2, The diesel engine produces high thermal efficiency. Under partial load or light load, the fuel consumption per unit output does not change much.

3, Diesel generator set start, load and downtime are short. They can be started at any time and are more suitable for emergency power.

4, The operation and maintenance of the diesel generator set are simpler and more convenient than the steam turbine generator set.

Fourth, Advantage.

1, Fuel economy, high thermal efficiency.

2, Reliable and durable work, low failure due to no ignition system.

3, Large power range, wide range of use.

4, Low harmful emissions.

5, Fire safety is good.

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